Monday, May 25, 2009


One day we had a family day to the Orchidario in Santos. It was beautiful and reminded us of how GREEN Brazil is ( of course, you never forget because GREEN is everywhere!

Swimming Lessons

We thought it best to have the girls in swimming lessons since we live so close to the beach. Hope and Abigail love and Gracie is very fond of the goggles!

Fishin' with Toni

Last week, Toni, our household help Renata's husband, offered to take Chuck fishing with a net. Chuck was up for a new experience.

Take a look.


Dia da Ciadinha
This was a special day where our church, Primeira Igreja Batista Guaruj√° em Itampema (PIBIG) - (First Baptist Church of Guaruj√° in the neighborhood of Itapema) was able to Baptize 43 people.

Chuck was able to participate as one of the "baptizing pastors". The event took place at a local pool and several hundred people attended the afternoon Baptism and BB-Q. It was a really neat experience!

One of the first baptisms Chuck did was incredibly joyous! This man let out a wonderful shout of praise to the Lord as he was raised again to walk in newness of life with Jesus Christ! It was truly AWESOME!

New Baby Ultrasound May 2009

Well, we're expecting again this December. Our life is wild and wooly and GREAT FUN!!! We love being here in Brazil, serving the Lord, sharing God's love with Brazilians, sharing His plan of salvation, and "being fruitful and multiplying"!!!

Here's our most recent multiplication result... Allison is about 9 weeks pregnant with our new baby. Take a look.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sufin' Missionaries

We are having so much fun living near the beach!!! Both Chuck and Allison are learning how to surf. The girls and I (Allison) just bought Chuck a new surfboard for Christmas. We had it custom made and painted right here in Guaruja at a place called "Lightning Bolt" by a guy named Tyola - who is a really big surfer and shaper. Pretty neat we thought. WE had one side painted where the American flag transforms in to the Brazilian Flag, and the other side painted so that Chuck can use it as an evangelism tool. It says, (in Portuguese) Only Grace, Only Faith, Only Jesus, Only Scripture.

Take a look...

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